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Asbestos Testing, Removal and Abatement in Portland, Oregon

Alpha Office Drop-Off Asbestos Pricing

First Drop-Off Sample Test: $75 // Additional Drop-Off Sample Test: $45/ea
(both results in 5 business days)

EXPEDITED RESULTS: First Drop-Off Sample Test: $130 // Additional Drop-Off Sample Test: $65/ea
(both results in 2-3 business days)

Asbestos Testing & Removal in Portland, Oregon

What areas are most susceptible to asbestos?

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a set of naturally occurring fibrous materials that are extremely durable and resistant to fire and chemicals. Because it is so resistant, it was often used in older building materials; however, it now is considered a toxic material and can cause respiratory problems once airborne. This is why the state of Oregon requires asbestos testing prior to any demolition or major renovation. You can read more about Oregon’s asbestos testing guidelines on their site, as well as get more information that they have made available. Once airborne, the most common respiratory problem asbestos is associated with is mesothelioma.

Asbestos Testing & Inspection

Portland is one of the 8 cities in Oregon where known asbestos sites have been found, according to Because much of the industry in Oregon in related to maritime activities, that particular industry has some of the more frequent cases. For a full list of job sites in Portland where asbestos has been found, visit

The most common areas that result in asbestos exposure in older homes, and the areas that Alpha Environmental will specifically take great care in inspecting and testing, are old ceiling tiles, floor tiles, adhesive insulation, and siding.

Asbestos testing and sampling requires a professional who understands how to obtain a sample without increasing the risk of exposure and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality “strongly recommends that a professional asbestos inspector”. With years of experience, Alpha Environmental has the asbestos testing experience necessary to find the correct areas to test and ensure your home is not compromised when taking the sample.

Asbestos Abatement in Portland, OregonAsbestos Removal & Abatement

Even more serious than finding an experience, licensed professional to test for asbestos is finding a licensed professional for asbestos removal & abatement. It is highly, highly recommended not to handle asbestos-containing materials yourself. Special equipment and in-depth training is essential to properly handling the removal and abatement process. Not only is the removal and abatement process very specific, there are also special requirements for the handling transportation and disposal of asbestos so you and others are not unknowingly exposed.

If you are beginning to think about a renovation of your older home or feel like you might be at risk for asbestos exposure, give Alpha Environmental a call at 503-292-5346 to get more information about our asbestos testing services today.

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