5 Different Types of Septic Tanks

different types of septic systems

Over the years, studies have shown that about one-fifth of American homes rely on septic systems to eliminate waste and wastewater. That works out to be more than 20 million U.S. households. However, it’s worth noting that not all of these septic systems are created equal. There are a handful of different types of septic […]

Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation: What’s the Difference?

mold removal vs mold remediation

Indoor mold is a common problem in both Portland homes and businesses, as the city receives an average of nearly 34 inches of rain per year. Mold thrives in environments with a lot of moisture, and it can grow on many different indoor surfaces, including: Wood Paper products Fabrics and upholstery Insulation Ceiling tiles Paint […]

Underground Storage Tanks FAQ’s

frequently asked questions about underground storage tanks

The rules and regulations for underground storage tanks in Portland are complex. If you are considering having one installed, there are regulations to follow and responsibilities to be aware of. If you own property, you may already have one whether you know it or not. If you’re looking to buy property, there are some things […]

The Different Types of Radon Mitigation Systems

radon mitigation

If your home has tested positive for too high of a level of radon, you are not alone. Research shows that the radon level in one out of 15 houses in America should be decreased. Unfortunately, high levels of radon can pose health risks, but fortunately, radon mitigation systems can help you to reduce your […]

A Guide to Moisture and Mold Removal in Portland

a guide to moisture and mold removal in portland

If you’re starting to worry that you may have a mold problem at home, those worries may not be unfounded. A whopping 70% of households have some amount of mold growing in them. Low mold levels aren’t likely to cause serious problems, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave mold growth alone. Mold can […]

Tips for Keeping Your Home Septic System Healthy

tips for keeping your home septic system healthy

Do you rely on a home septic system to handle all of the wastewater and waste that you produce in your house? If you do, it’s going to be very important for you to get into the habit of performing septic tank maintenance to keep your septic system as healthy as it can be. When […]

How to Identify Mold in Your Home

how to identify a mold issue in your house

According to statistics, 70 percent of homes contain mold. While not dangerous, mold in your home can potentially affect your health and the structural integrity of your house. While the occurrence of some extent of mold is very common, it is also controllable. Read on to learn about the cause, the effect, and the prevention […]

Buying or Selling A Home With An Underground Heating Oil Tank

Buying or Selling A Home With An Underground Heating Oil Tank

You’ve found your perfect house and fallen in love with it. It’s got the white picket fence, close to the right schools, and the big yard you’ve always dreamed of. There’s just one catch. Buried underneath that yard is a big ol’ heating oil tank. The State of Oregon gives them an average life of […]

Residential Guide To Indoor Air Quality

indoor air quality

According to various studies, people in North America and Europe spend 90% of their time indoors. This makes sense as indoors is usually the place where we are most protected from weather and other dangers. However, we’re subject to health concerns involved with indoor air pollution.  A lot of contaminants can get into the air […]

Where Can I Bring My Asbestos Sample?

Because of these dangerous side effects, asbestos has been banned in many countries around the globe–but not in the US. If you are a homeowner and you’ve never performed asbestos testing in your home, now is the time to give it a shot. One option is to call in professionals for asbestos testing. Another is […]