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Rodolfo Gomez

Environmental Scientist

Mr. Gomez has over seven years of experience in performing Phase I environmental site assessments of commercial properties with Alpha. He has an engineering degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Vera Cruz and is Professional Engineer in Mexico.  He is currently in the process of receiving his Professional Engineer designation for Oregon. Mr. Gomez is licensed as a Lead Based Paint Risk Assessor with the State of Oregon (license #3842) and a Certified Asbestos Inspector (license #1025823).

He the Phase I ESA Department Coordinator and adept at successfully juggle numerous projects while maintain the level of detail Alpha demands.  Rodolfo has an extensive resume working as an engineer for a number of international corporations.  Previous experience also includes direct participation in safety and environmental aspects of nuclear power generation as Mechanical Systems Engineer for the “Laguna Verde” Nuclear Power Station in Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Mr. Gomez is fluent in Spanish, English, and French and acts as an interpreter in particular when Alpha is involved in projects where there are Spanish-speaking tenants.  He is an accomplished speaker and is well versed in the International Industry Standards and Regulations.   Rodolfo has the ability to carefully read and understand complex rules and regulations, making him an ideal person to work within the heavily-regulated environmental industry.