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Wayne Bennett

Environmental Scientist

Mr. Bennett has over 15 of experience in the environmental industry as a risk assessor, data analyst, analytical laboratory data validation professional, mold expert, technical writer and editor.  Wayne is our resident “rocket scientist” and a key member of Alpha.  His current areas of expertise include site specific risk assessments, analysis and interpretation of scientific data, technical writing and work as an Excel, Access, and Visual Basic data analyst.  He is also a DEQ licensed Oregon Soil Matrix Supervisor, Heating Oil Tank Supervisor, and is often called upon as an Expert Witness for his expertise in many fields.

Mr. Bennett’s experience in other industries includes education, software support and documentation, and mass properties engineering.  Wayne holds a BS in Computer Science and a BS in Physics, with a minor in Mathematics from Utah State University and is a former mathematics teacher.  He has previously worked on large complex projects such as an EPA Superfund site involving a former mining facility in Colorado, an EPA Superfund site in New Mexico involving high concentrations of volatile organic compounds volatizing into buildings, the oversight and inspections regarding impacts to environmentally sensitive areas in Government Camp, Oregon as well as numerous other complex environmental issues.