Asbestos Testing In Portland, OR

Asbestos can be extremely difficult to safely remove. That’s why the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality strongly recommends hiring a professional for asbestos testing and abatement.

At Alpha Environmental, we take great care in inspecting and testing ceiling tiles, floor tiles, insulation, siding, roofing materials and more for asbestos. Our professionals have years of asbestos testing experience and are well-versed in finding the correct areas to test while ensuring the safety of the building is not compromised.

For asbestos testing and inspection in Portland and around Oregon, you can count on Alpha Environmental.

Asbestos Testing - Tile


Asbestos Testing - Roof


Asbestos Testing - Ceilings


Asbestos Testing - Insulation


Asbestos Test Pricing



$ 83 Each


$ 44 Each

*Results in 5 business days

*We only need a 2-inch section of each area with about the size of a quarter of mastic included. Each room/area can go into Ziploc bags.



$ 135 Each


$ 70 Each

*Results in 2-3 business days

Your Asbestos Test in 5 Easy Steps

Schedule an appointment

You can schedule by calling (503) 292-5346 or scheduling online. One of our AHERA certified asbestos inspectors will be assigned to your appointment.

Peace of mind

Your inspector will perform the asbestos sampling in accordance with AHERA and DEQ standards.

Your test is processed

Once proper sampling has been completed, your test will be sent to our lab. Within 5 business days you'll have the analysis of your test. Rush service (2-3 days) is available for an additional charge.

Deliver your test results

Upon result analysis, your asbestos inspector will compose a report outlining any test samples that are above the acceptable level of 1% asbestos containing.

What to do if a sample comes back positive

Often, clients sample areas prior to work being performed in their home or business. When samples contain anything 1% asbestos or above, the DEQ removal rules apply. These rules dictate how one is required to remove and dispose of asbestos containing materials. Our trained experts can provide a proposal for abating (removing) the asbestos containing materials according to the DEQ standard. Alpha Environmental performs the abatement work 100% in-house to ensure quality and cleanliness.

No Hassle. No Obligation.

"Our experience with Alpha was great. They were professional, quick to respond, and easy to work with. Thank you!"

Amy G.

Already know you have asbestos?

Our asbestos abatement team are licensed professionals that have the high-quality training necessary to properly handle, remove and transport asbestos in a safe and timely manner. At Alpha Environmental, we go above and beyond to remove asbestos in the safest way possible, following strict asbestos abatement standards set forth for the state of Oregon.

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