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Well Water And Flow Rate Testing

Protecting Your Health With Well Water Testing

While most homes receive their drinking water from the municipal water system, many Portland, Oregon and Washington homeowners rely on private water wells. Harmful bacteria can represent a significant health hazard to individuals and families. Through our services, Alpha Environmental is committed to accurately assess the needs of the homes of our clients. In keeping with this tradition, Alpha Environmental offers Well Water Testing and Flow Testing along with our diverse line of services.


Why Test Your Well Water?

Clean, healthy water is crucial for one to maintain good health. Unfortunately, the state of a water supply can change over a period of time, and these changes often cannot be detected by look, taste, or smell. Without proper testing, excessive amounts of impurities and contaminants can infect a water supply, creating a potential major health-risk. Testing your personal well’s water quality on a regular basis is a vital part of maintaining a reliable and safe source. The test results allow you to properly address the specific problems of a water supply.

What We Commonly Test ForWell-water sample being tested for purity in Portland, OR

    • pH
    • Hardness
    • Nitrate*
    • Coliform Bacteria*
    • Arsenic*
    • Lead
    • Silica & Sodium
    • Total Dissolved Solids

* Tests are required for real estate transactions


Why Test Your Water Flow?

Household water usage can vary depending on several factors. These include the number of residents within a house, as well as the specific water needs of the occupants. Alpha Environmental understands that different households have differing water needs, and we realize how important it is that these needs be met. That is why Alpha Environmental provides Water Flow Testing to help our clients to determine whether their home, or potential home, has an adequate water supply. Our testing method is inexpensive, and great care is taken by our professionals in achieving the highest degree of safety and professionalism.

Our Mission

The safeguarding of our clients’ interests from potential environmental impacts lies at the core of Alpha Environmental ’s mission. Our Water Well and Water Flow testing offerings are part of a continuation of that mission for the benefit of our customers and their communities.

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