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Hazardous Waste Disposal in Portland, Oregon

Hazardous waste removal in Portland, OR

Let Us Transport and Dispose Of Your Hazardous Material

There are frequently household and commercial materials that can’t be thrown in the trash because they risk causing harm to people, plants or animals in the area if they spill, are broken, or begin to deteriorate. These materials are considered hazardous waste. Disposal of these materials is where Alpha Environmental comes
into play, serving Portland and the surrounding area.

What Constitutes Toxic Waste

There are a variety of leftover materials that should be considered hazardous waste due to their toxic, flammable, or reactive characteristics and are legally required to be carefully disposed of.
hazardous waste that needs to be disposed

  • cleaning products
  • aerosols
  • fertilizer
  • light bulbs
  • thermometers
  • paints & thinners
  • adhesives/epoxy
  • oils
  • antifreeze
  • pool chemicals
  • batteries

Hazardous Waste Removal Consulting

If you’re not sure what should be considered hazardous waste, Alpha Environmental provides hazardous waste disposal consulting that includes an assessment of the waste, sampling, inventory of what needs to be disposed of, packaging, transportation and ultimately the proper disposal of the commercial or household waste. We take care of every aspect in an affordable, safe way to make sure that you don’t have to worry if the waste is being properly disposed of.


While hazardous waste disposal is mostly for commercial properties, there are smaller instances where household hazardous waste needs to be managed and disposed of. Alpha Environmental can certainly handle any of these problems because you should not be disposing of hazardous waste like light bulbs, thermometers, and paints in the trash.

To avoid needing hazardous waste removal, in your household or commercial property, the Oregon Department of Economic Quality recommends:

  • Simply using safer alternatives that are not considered hazardous
  • Read labels before purchasing to understand the level of risk involved with each product. Does it say “Caution” or “Warning”?
  • When you do need to buy hazardous materials, don’t buy excess that you won’t use and will have to dispose of
  • If you do have products leftover, instead of disposing of them, give them to friends or family who can actually use them instead.

While hazardous chemicals might not seem like a big deal because you use them in your home or commercial property, properly disposing of them is essential and required. If you have questions or are in need of removal of your hazardous, chemical waste, call Alpha Environmental at 503-292-5346.

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