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Mold Removal & Remediation in Portland, OR

Mold inspection, removal, and remediation in Portland, OR

Mold Remediation in Portland, OR

The experts at Alpha Environmental take incredible care in removing mold from your home or commercial building and also take remediation steps for prevention. As tempting as it may be to handle mold removal yourself, the process is best handled with expert equipment and knowledge of the situation to avoid problems to both structure and body, so we highly recommend calling us to handle the process.

The first step in remedying mold growth is confirming its presence, location, the type of mold and the size of the problem. This may be done through a mold inspection, mold testing or both. When removing the mold, great care is taken to treat and scrape all visible mold away from the affected surfaces (Ex. Walls, exposed beams, baseboards). Different surfaces require different treatment methods though, which is why the expert knowledge that Alpha Environmental offers is essential. 

Because there are different types of mold, the remediation process will depend on your situation. Our mold experts have extensive experience with mold removal and remediation for both residential and business properties. We’ll develop a plan based on the type of mold that was discovered, how much it has spread and the surface on which it’s growing.

The Mold Remediation Process

While it may be tempting to try to remove mold yourself, mold remediation should be handled by a team of experts who have the necessary knowledge and equipment to ensure the problem is fully resolved. Alpha Environmental’s mold professionals are certified and understand the science behind the mold and how it grows.

The mold you see growing may just be the tip of the iceberg. For example, you can scrub mold off of wood beams or other porous materials using soap and water, but the mold may have already worked its way under the surface. If this hidden mold isn’t removed, it will continue to grow back.

Our team has access to specialized chemicals that will kill mold beyond just the surface and will do the job thoroughly, saving you time and money by avoiding regrowth. We’ll also help you identify any sources of moisture that need to be addressed to prevent the problem from recurring.

While specific chemicals and processes may vary based on the type of mold, location and any potential damage, our mold remediation process generally includes the following steps.

Isolate the Contaminated Area 

If the conditions are right, mold can grow quickly and potentially spread to other areas of your home. We’ll isolate the area where the contamination is located by closing doors and windows that connect to other parts of your home or business and by carefully covering air vents. Depending on the severity of the situation, we may also seal openings with plastic sheeting as an additional containment measure.

Because mold spores can spread by attaching to shoes, clothing and pets, we recommend avoiding activity in the affected area until the remediation process is complete.

Suppress Dust

Mold spores may cling to dust particles, allowing them to become airborne and travel around your home more easily. Without cleaning the air, there is a risk of cross-contaminating clean or occupied areas of your home. 

The method we use to reduce dust may depend on the scale of the problem. Potential methods include misting the contaminated surfaces or using specialized vacuums or air filtration units to ensure that potentially harmful airborne debris are removed.

Remove and Package Materials Safely

If mold is growing on porous materials such as drywall, insulation or carpet, we may need to remove the materials entirely to effectively remediate the problem. We’ll dispose of wet and mold-damaged materials by sealing them in plastic bags before leaving the containment area. We’ll also sanitize the outside of the bags to reduce the likelihood of spreading mold spores.

Clean and Leave the Premises

For non-porous materials and wood surfaces, we’ll scrub away the mold using specialized chemicals that will kill hidden spore colonies and prevent them from returning. Once the mold is removed, we’ll rinse surfaces with clean water. We’ll also clean surrounding surfaces and room openings before safely removing containment barriers.

Can You Remove Mold Completely?

Because mold exists almost everywhere – including in the air – it’s not possible to completely rid your home of it. That’s why the process is called “mold remediation” and not “mold removal.” However, mold only becomes a problem when it increases to unsafe levels. 

Alpha Environmental will bring mold back to normal, healthy levels, giving you the peace of mind you need to know your health and home aren’t at risk. Once the mold remediation process is finished, we recommend repeating mold testing to ensure the problem is fully resolved. This will involve comparing the levels of mold inside your home with mold levels outside of your home to ensure they are normal based on your home’s environment.

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If your mold test has come back positive, it’s time to call in the professionals to remedy the problem. Protect your home or business and its occupants by scheduling your mold remediation today. 

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