Storm & Wind Damage Services in Portland, Oregon

Storm and Wind Damage Cleanup in Portland

Unpredictable winds caused by storms are often the cause of significant damage to many Portland homes. Although severe storms don’t happen often, every year we visit homes to repair the damage caused by falling trees, flying debris and other storm-related issues. If your home has been damaged by a storm, contact us today. We can get a team to your home to assess the damage and give you a plan for restoring your home as soon as possible.

Storm Cleanup Services

Because all storms are different, the damage they cause varies from home to home. Most Portland homeowners experience damage to their roofs caused by falling trees and branches, but you may also experience water damage from rain and snow or missing shingles caused by strong winds. No matter what happens to your home, our team of professionals can provide the services you need to get your home back to normal quickly and affordably.

Our staff is available at all hours to respond quickly to storm damage done to your home. We will respond to any emergency, ready to stop the spread of damage and start work to repair the issues caused by the storm.

If you’ve experienced wind damage, such as missing tiles from your roof, large branches or trees hitting your home or any other issues, we will give you a free estimate for repairs and work with your insurance company to make sure you get the services you need.

Finally, if you need any major trees or other debris removed from your home or yard, let our team help. We will make sure to dispose of the debris properly, plus we can help move your furniture so that nothing else is damaged. Just give us a call to schedule a convenient time for our team to come to your home. We’ll do a complete assessment of the storm damage and make a plan to restore your home the way you like it.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Moving quickly on storm damage cleanup is incredibly important. Usually, it’s hard to know exactly how much damage was done to your home without a professional. If you leave any water or debris unattended in your home, you risk even bigger problems like mold in your walls or rotting wood in your ceiling. If you notice damage during a storm, call us immediately. Our response team will show up to your home at any hour of the night to help immediately.

Storm Damage Restoration

After the storm, the restoration process is similar to our water damage restoration process. We want to make sure to evacuate any standing water, dehydrate your walls and floors to soak up any remaining wetness and work on repairs. Damage done to your walls or windows from flying objects or falling trees can also be handled by our team of experts. Whatever your concern is, our staff will do everything we can to fix it.

Water Damage Cleanup

Wind damage repairs are usually done to the roof, but can also include windows or skylights. Often, we see Portland homes lose shingles off their roofs because of the strong winds. It’s important to hire a professional team to make these kinds of repairs so that you don’t miss important issues like hidden water damage or additional cracked shingles. Our team can provide a full estimate of what you’ll need for wind damage repair for free. All you have to do is schedule an appointment.

Other Emergencies

Additional storm damage services we provide are board-ups. We will come to your home and board up any major holes in your roof, walls or windows until we can begin work on a permanent restoration solution.

Call us to remove any trees or brush that may have fallen in your yard. Don’t worry about borrowing your neighbors tools to cut down a big tree. Let us come by and remove all the extra debris in a few short hours. We live and work in the community so one of our staff members is never too far away to help.

If a winter storm left your roof covered in ice dams, Alpha Environmental can help. We will safely remove the heavy ice and ensure that no water damage was done to your roof. We can also fix roof or siding issues that may have occurred because of ice dams or strong storm winds.

Storm Damage Restoration Process

The Alpha Environmental storm damage restoration process is different for every person. We approach every home individually so you get exactly what you need and nothing extra.

  1. First, if it’s an emergency situation, we will board up any holes or install tarps so that no further damage can be done to your home.
  2. Next, we’ll give you an estimate of repairs that you need and talk through your different options. We won’t move forward in the process until we know you’re comfortable with the whole project.
  3. Next, we’ll get to work on all the repairs you need. From roof-related repairs all the way down to damage done to your basement, we can help get your home back to working order so you can put the entire ordeal behind you.


Why Choose Alpha Environmental To Fix Your Storm and Wind Damage?

We are a local business that puts our customers first. Of course, we offer expert repairs and competitive prices that work for your budget. But the thing that our customers talk about most, and the thing we’re most proud of as a team, is the trust we build. We make a point to communicate as often as possible throughout the process so there are no surprises for you. We also make sure that every step is completed as quickly as possible so you’re not dealing with a construction zone where your home should be. If you want to work with people in your community who understand what’s important to you, work with Alpha Environmental.

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David D.
Lake Oswego, OR
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My wife and I experienced a hot water pipe busting in the crawlspace. It has been a total nightmare. However, Chris and his team provided expert quality care, with timeliness and the greatest degree of professionalism. I would HIGHLY recommend Alpha Enviornmental!
Zhanna S.
Beaverton, OR
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Can’t say enough about Alpha Environmental! Their costumer service is 10/10, they have really good systems in place, responsive, and professional. The gals in the scheduling department are always so kind! As a real estate agent, I use Alpha’s services numerous times a year. Either it’s for Mold bids, oil tank decommissioning, radon etc. They always do a fantastic job! Thank you for all the work you do!
Kristen L.
Portland, OR
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Wow where do I even begin?? We’re absolutely thrilled by the work Alpha has done for us and we’re eternally grateful to them for ridding our house of asbestos tile! They’re polite, kind, professional — from estimator Filo to manager Dame to Jake, Melvin and the other two guys on the crew (so sorry we didn’t get your names) — you guys are awesome and we so appreciate your help. Our house looks amazing. The peace of mind you’ve given us is priceless. We can’t thank you enough. We’ll certainly be in back in touch if we ever need any of your services again. Thank you thank you!!!
Jeff S.
Salem, OR
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Alpha environmental's employees were punctual, pleasant to work with and there services are reasonably priced. I highly recommend them because I would use them again in the future.
Lea C.
Tualatin, OR
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Took a water sample in for lead testing and they were so fast and helpful. Rodolfo was so nice and informative in explaining the testing and what it meant! Would definitely recommend everyone to go there and will go to them for any future needs!
Claire B.
Portland, OR
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Alpha environmental was extremely helpful in navigating me through the process of testing some leftover construction debris for asbestos so I could take it to the dump. Their office manager spent time with me on the phone discussing the options for sample collection, and was extremely friendly in answering my many questions. Sample drop off at the office was easy and the results even came back a few days earlier than expected. Will definitely return if I need more sampling done!
Jeff C.
Tigard, OR
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I would highly recommend anyone wanting, quick efficient services relating to environmental testing to check out Alpha Environmental. Not only was the staff friendly and responsive, but also professional! If I could 6 stars out of 5, I would!
Jotham P.
Portland, OR
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We used Alpha Environmental Services to conduct our home inspection, radon testing, sewer scope and oil tank decommissioning. Every part of their service was really professional. They took so many great photos of the house during the inspection and offered lots of explanation on what they found. Great team. Highly recommend!

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