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Mold Services in Portland, Oregon

Mold inspection, removal, and remediation in Portland, OR

Worried you have mold in your house? In need of some mold testing and inspection to determine if you need remediation? It’s not an uncommon home problem, especially on walls, in attics, basements, or crawl spaces where you might have a hard time keeping moisture under control. Especially in Portland which averages 39 inches of rain per year, keeping moisture under control to prevent mold is a big problem.

Alpha Environmental, based in Portland, Oregon, and serving surrounding areas, understands the ins and outs of how to get rid of mold and go through the remediation process to ensure your home is safe for you and your family. Or if you are needing commercial services, we also have extensive experience with mold removal & remediation for business properties.

Our thorough removal process includes:

Mold Inspections

Mold Removal & Remediation Testing in Portland, Oregon

Where is there mold in your house? The experts at Alpha Environmental will thoroughly inspect all areas of your home or building, including your attic, basement, and crawl space. As a part of the inspection, we will also take into account moisture levels, which can indicate where mold may be a problem and need to be treated, even if it isn’t visible.

Mold Testing

If mold is visible, testing to ensure a substance is in fact mold is usually not necessary. However, if symptoms of mold are present, or there are areas that are found to have increased moisture levels, testing can be helpful to detect spores and verify the existence of mold. Air quality testing to assess how much mold is in the air compared to the outside is essential to determine your home’s level of risk.

Mold Removal & Remediation

The experts at Alpha Environmental take incredible care in removing mold from your home or commercial building and also takes remediation steps for prevention. As tempting as it may be to handle mold removal yourself, the process requires expert equipment and knowledge of the situation to avoid problems to both structure and body, so we highly recommend calling us to handle the process.

When removing the mold, great care is taken to treat and scrape all visible mold away from the affected surfaces (Ex. Walls, exposed beams, baseboards). Different surfaces require different treatment methods though, which is why the expert knowledge that Alpha Environmental offers is essential. For example, merely scraping wood beams clear of the mold is likely insufficient because of the porous nature of wood. Mold can often work its way under the surface, and chemicals are then needed to treat the problem.

Types of Mold

When most people think of mold, they only picture black mold which is the most common form of mold. However, there is also the type of mold that grows and on food and air conditioning systems and a green-like mold that you tend to find on the back of toilets or painted surfaces. This latter form of mold is non-toxic, but for many, it will trigger allergy-like symptoms such as eye irritation, rashes, and a sore throat.

There are also outdoor molds that are orange or red; however, this form is harmless to humans.

If you would like to get more information about the services Alpha Environmental offers in Portland and the surrounding areas in Oregon, give us a call at 503-292-5346.

You can also find more information on mold on the EPA’s website, at

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mold Testing And Removal

A mold bid is free of charge.  An estimate based on an inspector’s or homeowners findings and will focus on those areas.  An inspection is an investigation or further investigation of the possibility of mold in a home or building and its potential cause.

There are technically over 250,000 known species of mold, all of which are considered allergens.  A person with a healthy immune system and no allergies will not be affected by low to moderate concentrations of mold. Each individual is different and will react differently.  Alpha cannot responsibly give concrete advice on potential health risks.

1 to 2 business days for tape lift and air samples. 2 weeks for a culturable sample.

Air Sample – $90 per sample with a minimum of two samples.  One indoor and one outdoor for a control.  Will tell airborne mold types and concentrations.  Mold air samples are mold specific, (do not identify other airborne particles).

Tape Lift Sample – $90 per sample.  Will identify the type of mold collected.

Culturable Sample – $180.  Will tell if mold identified is active.

Yes, Alpha can improve ventilation and bathroom fan ducting issues in an attic.  Some issues regarding Attic design and the height of a structure may be beyond Alpha’s abilities but we can provide recommendations.  Mold growth caused by plumbing leaks, foundation issues or other building issues will have to be corrected by a general contractor.