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Asbestos Abatement in Portland

Environmental technician removing asbestos from a Portland home
Alpha Office Drop-Off Asbestos Pricing

First Drop-Off Sample Test: $80 // Additional Drop-Off Sample Test: $50/ea
(both results in 5 business days)

EXPEDITED RESULTS: First Drop-Off Sample Test: $135 // Additional Drop-Off Sample Test: $70/ea
(both results in 2-3 business days)

Asbestos Abatement in Portland 

Asbestos, when it is not disturbed, is fine. The issues arise when asbestos is disturbed and becomes airborne. Alpha Environmental offers comprehensive asbestos abatement in Portland that can help in this process and offer you a healthier living environment. Our certified professionals are trained to test and abate asbestos from both residential and commercial buildings. 

The Asbestos Removal/Abatement Process

Alpha Environmental follows a meticulous, step-by-step process for removing asbestos from your house or office. Our asbestos removal process includes

1. Planning, Demarcation, and Setup

We follow a detailed plan that includes details on how we will treat the area. Once the plan is in place, we demarcate the hazardous area. Next, we seal the air ducts, disable the HVAC system, and seal areas that do not require removal.

2. Asbestos Removal

We utilize hand tools and wet methods to remove the asbestos and affected materials. Our employees wear protective clothing and respirators during removal. All removed materials are placed into asbestos disposal bags, sealed, and removed through a decontamination unit designed with a protective lining, if required by DEQ standards.

3. Particulate Cleaning and Final Cleaning

Our technicians use special vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove asbestos and clean surfaces. After we remove all asbestos and other materials, we utilize wet methods and HEPA vacuuming to clean the entire work area. According to the DEQ, when required, a third-party contractor is required to conduct air clearance sampling to ensure that the airborne asbestos is within the acceptable range.

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