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Underground Storage Tank Services in Portland, OR

Alpha Environmental is experienced in the handling of Heating Oil Tanks, Septic Tanks, and UST’s.
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Types of Storage Tanks in Portland, OR

Alpha Environmental is well versed in the 2 major types of storage tanks that can be found in the Portland area. 

Heating Oil Tanks (HOT)

Heating oil tanks are containers that hold oil (diesel #2) to heat homes or buildings; however, they have many negatives and should be decommissioned in place or removed altogether. Not only can they pollute the soil around the tank, but they can contaminate groundwater and pose a fire or explosion hazard. This is caused by tanks that are underground for too long and start to corrode.

Alpha Environmental has become the go-to when it comes to heating oil tank services. We handle decommissioning, investigation, assessment, and cleanup proven by on-call service contracts with the City of Portland and TriMet, as well as for many developers, real estate agents, and professionals in the industry. We are an Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) licensed Heating Oil Tank (HOT) Service Provider.

If an issue is found when inspecting the heating oil tank, there are multiple tank cleanup methods that Alpha Environmental utilizes:

  • Soil Matrix Cleanups – This process often removes most of, if not all, of the contaminated soil at a heating oil tank cleanup site or covers low-impact closures where limited contamination is present.
  • Risk-Based Decision-Making Cleanups – This process potentially allows closure with some of the contamination on a property if it can be proven by DEQ regulations that leaving the pollution from the heating oil tank will not impact human or environmental health. These types of tank cleanups are often used when removing contamination would impact structures or when costs are too high or cannot successfully remove all contamination.
  • General Remedy Cleanup – a limited risk assessment closure for lower-risk sites.

Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Since 1995, Alpha Environmental has performed service on all phases of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) in and around Portland, Oregon and has successfully closed 9,000+ projects; in other words, every single project we have been contracted for.

Hundreds of thousands of underground storage tanks are located in the United States that have some sort of hazardous material in them. The greatest threat from these tanks is the possibility that they will contaminate local groundwater and soil, which is why it is important to know if you have an underground storage tank on your property.

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