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Sewer Services in Portland, Oregon

Sewer scoping and maintenance services in Portland, OR

What Causes Problems In Your Sewer Line?

There are a variety of reasons why you might be having issues with your sewer line when it is clogging & backing up. The most common causes include:

  • Tree roots growing into the pipes, causing blockage or holes in the pipe.
  • A low area in the pipe (pooling) caused by poor installation or soil movement.
  • Older pipes deteriorating and collapsing over time
  • Using your plumbing as a trash can, which can create blockages from excess garbage being disposed of in your toilet, sink & drain.

If you suspect you have an issue with your sewer line and would like a detailed inspection, or perhaps you know you have a problem and need trenchless repair services like pipe-bursting, Alpha Environmental has you covered. Call 503-292-5346 for more information today!

Sewer Inspection

  • Sewer Inspections with Video Scope
  • Septic Inspection

A sewer scope inspection is beneficial for many reasons, whether you think you might have an issue with your sewer line, or perhaps you’re buying a piece of property, an inspection can give you peace of mind. And because most people don’t know that they are responsible for most sewer repairs in the line if it’s between your home and the city’s line, it’s essential to minimize your risk for repairs and cleaning services.

Therefore, an extensive video inspection with full-color video via a sewer scope and state-of-the-art camera equipment should be performed to determine if there is a repair service needed with the sewer line or if a simple sewer line cleaning is in order. Alpha Environmental has the experience necessary to accurately determine if there is a problem. If so, we provide a high-quality video of your sewer scoping, a report of your current line condition, and suggested sewer maintenance – all to help you make the most informed decision possible.

Sewer Repair  

Facing the prospect of a sewer repair can be a daunting thought, but with extensive experience and the latest equipment, Alpha Environmental can help make the process as smooth as possible. Our repair services include trenchless sewer line repair via pipe-bursting or directional drilling. In many cases, trenchless repair is the preferred method of sewer repair. Because trenching does not occur, the repair is less intrusive, more affordable, and offers a quicker turnaround than traditional, open-trenched sewer repairs.

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Frequently Asked Question

A sewer scope uses a camera to inspect the condition and serviceability of your sewer line.

You should use a sewer scope if your pipes aren’t draining, sewer odor, and before the purchase of a home or business.

Sewer inspections are not required but will provide a lot of information about the condition of the sewer line. Sewer inspections should be performed as needed for specific situations.

A standard sewer scope is $130.00 from a clean out, if a toilet, roof vent or crawl space is used to access the line $50 is added to the cost.

Alpha offers Hydro-jetting to clean the pipe or to clear blockages from the sewer line.

If the sewer line has a pipe that is broken, offset pooling or other issues, Alpha will provide a location and depth of the area, followed by an estimate to repair the issue.

Defects in sewer lines that are the most common are pooling, offsets, roots and deteriorating pipe and joints.

The price of sewer repairs can vary based on the location, length, and depth of the repair. The average cost is $4500 to $6500.

The average length of a sewer line replacement takes 2-3 days.

When the crew is onsite there may be a few hours where water use is limited, at the end of each workday the pipe will be reconnected to allow normal water usage until the next workday.

Alpha offers a 1-year warranty on repairs and replacement, We also offer an extended warranty at an additional cost.