Asbestos Testing For Ceilings

Asbestos fibers are microscopic and impossible to detect visually. Without the proper background in testing and remediation, many people run the risk of exposing themselves. For the most accurate way to determine the presence of asbestos, call on Alpha Environmental for your ceiling asbestos needs.

When contacting Alpha Environmental Services, you are getting environmental specialists who go above and beyond for their clients’ testing and remediation needs. Armed with 20 years of experience, industry-standard equipment, strict compliance with local, federal, and environmental guidelines (OSHA & DEQ), Alpha Environmental is well suited to remedy your environmental hazards.




Asbestos Test Pricing For Ceilings



$ 83 Each


$ 44 Each

*Results in 5 business days

*We only need a 2-inch section of each area with about the size of a quarter of mastic included. Each room/area can go into Ziploc bags.



$ 135 Each


$ 70 Each

*Results in 2-3 business days

What To Expect From Your Asbestos Ceiling Test

Onsite Evaluation

An Alpha Environmental specialist will greet you and begin with a general inspection of the ceiling throughout your home or building. Popcorn textured ceilings are usually an indicator of asbestos build up in your ceiling.


The specialist will create a covered workspace with plastic sheets laid down to catch any residual debris.


The specialist will draw small samples into a tightly sealed bag and clean their workspace. The samples are then sent to an accredited laboratory to assess asbestos presence.

Written Report

A report detailing the asbestos results will arrive via email or mail. If asbestos is found at hazardous levels we will discuss on next steps and abatement process.

No Hassle. No Obligation.

"Our experience with Alpha was great. They were professional, quick to respond, and easy to work with. Thank you!"

Amy G.

Already know you have asbestos?

Our asbestos abatement team are licensed professionals that have the high-quality training necessary to properly handle, remove and transport asbestos in a safe and timely manner. At Alpha Environmental, we go above and beyond to remove asbestos in the safest way possible, following strict asbestos abatement standards set forth for the state of Oregon.

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