Mold Inspection & Testing

The experts at Alpha Environmental thoroughly inspect all areas of your home or building, including your attic, basement and crawl space for signs of mold. As a part of the inspection, we will also take into account moisture levels, which can indicate where mold may be a problem and need to be treated, even if it isn’t visible.

If mold is visible, testing to ensure a substance is in fact mold is usually not necessary. However, if symptoms of mold are present, or there are areas that are found to have increased moisture levels, testing can be helpful to detect spores and verify the existence of mold. In addition, air quality testing to assess how much mold is in the air compared to the outside of your home or building is essential to determine the level of risk.





Mold Sample Test Pricing


$ 90 Each
  • Identify mold types and concentrations

Tape Lift

$ 90 Each
  • Will identify the type of mold collected


$ 180 Each
  • Will tell if mold identified is active

* *For Air Samples, A minimum of two samples must be collected. An interior sample, and exterior sample used to establish a baseline. The number of interior samples needed may depend on the square footage of your home or building.
*Results in 1-2 Business Days For Tape And Air Samples
*Results in 2 Weeks For Culturable Samples

Your Mold Inspection & Test in 5 Easy Steps

Schedule an appointment

You can schedule by calling (503) 292-5346 or scheduling online. One of our licensed and certified mold inspectors will be assigned to your appointment.

The mold inspection

Your inspector will inspect for mold. A thermal camera and moisture meter will be used to identify possible plumbing leaks or exterior water intrusion. If you have experienced any leaks or flooding let your inspector know so they can pay attention to those areas as well.

A mold test may be performed

If we identify surface mold or have reason to believe there may be active mold in areas of the home, a test may be performed. A test may not always be needed unless we need to determine the mold type.

Deliver your test results

Upon result analysis, your mold inspector will compose a report outlining the visual inspection of the home, and any test results.

What to do if a sample comes back positive or visual mold growth is identified?

Our trained experts can provide a proposal for remediating the mold contaminated area. Alpha Environmental performs the remediation work 100% in-house to ensure quality and cleanliness. *Mold is not removed unless Alpha Environmental is performing a demolition job.

No Hassle. No Obligation.

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Already know you have mold?

The experts at Alpha Environmental will take incredible care in removing mold from your home or commercial building. As tempting as it may be to handle mold removal yourself, the process requires expert equipment and knowledge of the situation to avoid problems to both structure and body. As such, we highly recommend calling us to handle the process.

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