Mold Removal & Remediation

The experts at Alpha Environmental take incredible care in remediating mold in your home or commercial building. As tempting as it may be to handle mold removal yourself, the process requires expert equipment and knowledge of the situation to avoid problems to both structure and body. As such, we highly recommend calling us to handle the process.

When remediating the mold, great care is taken to treat and scrape all visible mold away from the affected surfaces (i.e. walls, exposed beams, baseboards, etc). Different surfaces require different treatment methods though, which is why the expert knowledge that Alpha Environmental offers is essential. For example, merely scraping wood beams clear of the mold is likely insufficient because of the porous nature of wood. Mold can often work its way under the surface, and chemicals are then needed to treat the problem.

Asbestos Testing - Tile


Asbestos Testing - Roof


Asbestos Testing - Ceilings


Asbestos Testing - Insulation


Asbestos fibers are microscopic and impossible to detect visually. Without the proper background in testing and remediation, many people run the risk of exposing themselves. For the most accurate way to determine the presence of asbestos, call on Alpha Environmental for your ceiling asbestos needs.

When contacting Alpha Environmental Services, you are getting environmental specialists who go above and beyond for their clients’ testing and remediation needs. Armed with 20 years of experience, industry-standard equipment, strict compliance with local, federal, and environmental guidelines (OSHA & DEQ), Alpha Environmental is well suited to remedy your environmental hazards.




Your Mold Remediation in 5 Easy Steps

Inspection, testing, and assessment

Our licensed and certified mold inspectors will conduct a thorough inspection and necessary testing to determine if mold is present. Once we have identified the home areas containing mold we will conduct an assessment to determine the best course of remediation.

Set up containment area

Alpha's remediation experts set up a physical containment area with negative air pressure to prevent mold from spreading during the removal process. Every situation is different, and Alpha can tailor the level of containment based on our individual client’s needs. Attic and crawlspace remediations rarely require containment as these areas are isolated from the general living space.

Set up air filtration systems

Air from the containment area passes through HEPA filters to filter out microscopic mold spores and further prevent the spread of mold particles throughout the area.

Treatment of mold and infested material

Depending on the extent of the infestation, we will employ a number of tactics to rid the area of all mold growth. This may include the use of anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatments and/or the physical removal of infested porous material.

Clean up

The remediation area is cleaned and all clothing and equipment are properly removed in order to prevent further spread of mold spores. Your specialist will provide you with a second written report detailing the mold remediation and cleanup.

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Not Sure If You Have Mold?

The experts at Alpha Environmental thoroughly inspect all areas of your home or building, including your attic, basement and crawl space for signs of mold. Additionally, as a part of the inspection, we will also take into account moisture levels, which can indicate where mold may be a problem and need to be treated, even if it isn’t visible.

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