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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Services in Portland, Oregon

Alpha Environmental also offers Septic Tank Decommissioning Services
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Since 1995, Alpha Environmental has performed service on all phases of Underground Storage Tanks (UST) in and around Portland, Oregon and has successfully closed every project we have been contracted for.

Our Underground Storage Tank Services:

  • Tank Inspections
  • Searches
  • Cleanups
  • Tank Removals
  • Sampling
  • Decommissioning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Soil & Gas Sampling
  • Tank Management
  • Groundwater Assessments
  • Soil Assessments
  • Beneficial Water Use Studies
  • Department Of Environmental Quality Representation

We guarantee we can get your site closed. Alpha has successfully decommissioned or cleaned up over 9,000 UST projects. We have one of the very best, most effective tank departments in the country. Our challenge is not successfully cleaning up a site, but what’s the most efficient, timely and cost-effective approach. Phil Brewer – President, Alpha Environmental Services, Inc

Underground Storage Tank Inspections

Hundreds of thousands of underground storage tanks are located in the United States that have some sort of hazardous material in them. The greatest threat from these tanks is the possibility that they will contaminate local groundwater and soil, which is why it is important to know if you have an underground storage tank on your property.

Alpha Environmental performs very thorough underground storage tank inspections and searches. Searches occur using a Schonstedt magnetic locator, line-tracing, and visuals. We are also able to use heating oil tank documentation from a variety of databases.

Once found, we proceed with a tank inspection to find if there are any structural issues with the underground tank resulting in contamination of nearby soil. Depending on the finding of the inspection, remediation & decommissioning tasks are completed accordingly.

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning & Removal

To properly decommission an underground storage tank, Alpha Environmental takes the following steps:

  • Pumping and cleaning the tank
  • Filling the tank completely with a material like sand or concrete
  • Collecting a soil sample from underneath the tank and at each end of the tank
  • Cutting off the fill and vent pipes
  • Depending on the site, registration may be required with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Alpha Environmental also offers Septic Tank Decommission services. Call us to get more information

Underground Storage Tank Cleanup

If the tank inspection found contamination in the soil where the underground storage tank had leaked, Alpha Environmental will provide a thorough cleanup to address and remove the problem. We will work in conjunction with the Department of Environmental Quality to achieve a successful cleanup. Together, we will determine the most affordable and effective tasks to address the problem.

Because costs and scope can vary greatly, choosing a company like Alpha Environmental which has significant experience in project management and tank cleanup is highly recommended so every item can be addressed.

If you think you have an underground storage tank on your property, or you have one and need it decommissioned, call Alpha Environmental at 503-292-5346 to get more information.

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