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Jan 29
5 tips to extend the life of your sewer system

5 Quick and Dirty Tips for Sewer Inspection & Upkeep

You have a lot on your plate; the last thing you want to think about is sewer upkeep. In fact, all of us are guilty of it – we don’t think about it until it becomes a problem. Usually, if we get water on demand and our toilet flushes, we’re happy campers. Unfortunately, things may not work out the way we expect at times, and you’re probably reading this because you are in need of a few sewer maintenance tips.  

Like most things around the house, plumbing and sewer lines need a bit of care and attention in order to be reliable and pull through when you most need it. For that reason, we’ve put together some quick and dirty tips on how to keep your sewer in tip-top shape and prevent future problems.

Sewer Maintenance Tips to Help with Few Common Sewer Problems


  1. Clogged drain: pour half a cup salt down the drain. Then,  follow it up by pouring extremely hot water (but not boiling) until the clog is clear.
  2. Little or no water coming from your faucet: check the shut-off valve under the sink. Make sure it’s is open and plug the drain. Then, unscrew the aerator from the faucet, wash all of the aerator parts, then put them back together. You should have water again!
  3. Pipes exposed to cold air: wrap the pipes in insulation preventing them from freezing and lessening your wait for hot water.
  4. Regular maintenance tips: don’t use chemical drain cleaners often. They contain harsh chemicals and eat away at your pipes over time, causing extensive (and expensive!) damage.
  5. Prevention: with a few small changes, you can extend the lifetime of your pipes and avoid more calls to the plumber. First, always use screens to catch hair and other larger items. Never flush grease or fat down the drain. Reducing your water pressure can also relieve some strain on your drain, reducing the likelihood of a leak.

At the end of the day, if you experience problems with your drains or sewer, it’s best to hire a professional to give you a thorough inspection and cleaning. From there, as long as you practice these sewer maintenance tips and take the proper preventative measures, you shouldn’t experience drains or clogs. It’s better to hire a plumber to investigate and advise you on any issues so you can take care of them right away. A plumber will likely snake the drain to clear it; if the problem is outside, in your sewer pipes, a  sewer inspection professional will have a look at your sewer pipes to let you know what the condition is, and if there are any clogs or issues you need to deal with.

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