Phase I & II ESA Walkthrough – Industrial Property

In our society, almost every property is liable to environmental risk. Without careful inspection from environmental professionals, many unseen problems can go undetected. A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment helps determine if a property may have been contaminated by current or previous activity. Phase I ESAs help protect the purchaser of the property and limit […]

Phase I & II ESA Walkthrough – Commercial Property


What Is A Phase I / Why Do I Need One? Whether it is your first commercial property or your fourth, you may have heard the term Phase I Environmental Site Assessment being thrown around.  A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment helps determine if a property may have been contaminated by current or previous activity.  […]

Why You Should Avoid a Cheap Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

You need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment – it can be a bit of an overwhelming undertaking. The biggest concern our clients have in the beginning is cost. Typically, Phase I ESA’s come as a surprise, therefore many sellers haven’t budgeted for it. As a result, many opt for the “cheaper option” – going […]

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Costs

If you’re purchasing or refinancing a commercial property, you may have been told that a Phase I ESA is required. Well, what is it, and more importantly, how much will it cost? What is a Phase I ESA? A Phase I ESA is an assessment that requires a professional to come in and take a […]

Phase 1 ESA vs Phase 2 ESA – In Layman’s Terms

Differences between a phase 1 and phase 2 environmental site assessment

As environmental concerns grown, it is becoming more and more common that a commercial real estate transaction will require either a Phase 1 or 2 Environmental Site Assessment. You may be wondering what the differences are between Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESA, and you may have already found that the information around the subject […]

What is a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment?

Our clients usually come to us with little information about Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments. The typical scenario is that they’ve been required to complete one, but usually don’t know what it is, how much it will cost, and where to start. We’re here to change that by making it easy for anyone to understand, […]

What to Expect from a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

It turns out that you need to complete a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. Well, surely you can find a lot of information online about Phase 1 ESA’s, but trying to make sense of it all can be a bit overwhelming. Not to worry – here’s what you need to know, in layman’s terms. Let’s […]

Commercial Real Estate and Environmental Site Assessments

Selling commercial real estate can be one the most rewarding and profitable types of real estate to work in, but with large-scale properties come large-scale precautions that you need to make sure you’re taking. Your client’s best interests should be your top priority and warrants that you provide them with your most trusted recommendation for […]

Why Does My Business Need Phase I and II ESA?

Common reasons your business needs a Phase 1 or Phase 2 ESA

As a business owner, we take many precautions to ensure our ventures are carried out efficiently, conscientiously, and diligently from beginning to end. If you find yourself purchasing commercial property, one of the most important steps before closing that contract is to make sure your property has been checked and cleared of any environmental risks. […]