The Benefits of Professional Land Clearing Services: Why Hire Experts?

Executive Summary Understanding Why Professional Land Clearing is Vital Scheduling professional land-clearing services is essential to landscaping, property development, and agriculture. During an environmental land clearing, a specialist typically uses different tools and machines, such as tractors, bulldozers, and backhoes, for tree removal, brush clearing, debris disposal, and land grading. Professional land clearing is excellent […]

Lead Testing in Soil: Assessing Environmental Contamination Risks

Key Takeaways Gauging Environmental Contamination Risks by Testing Lead in Soil Lead is a toxic heavy metal that can disrupt bodily functions and adversely affect vital organs like the brain, kidneys, and reproductive systems. It should not be touched, inhaled, or ingested, especially by children, pregnant people, or pets, so it is essential to perform […]

Lead Testing in Older Homes: Identifying and Addressing Lead-Based Paint Hazards

Executive Summary Pinpointing Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Older Homes Older homes constructed before 1978 were frequently painted with lead-based paints. Unfortunately, exposure to lead-based paint can damage the brain, nerves, kidneys, and blood supply, causing behavioral issues, learning disabilities, seizures, or, in extreme cases, death. Proactively identifying lead hazards throughout your property is an excellent […]

Can You Paint Over Lead Paint?

Key Takeaways Many people are aware of the potential health risks of lead paint and know that they should consider the presence of lead in their homes. For many, the remaining question is figuring out the best way to perform lead paint remediation so they can mitigate any risks associated with it. Lead paint was […]

Lead Paint 101: What Does Lead Paint Look Like?

Key Takeaways Lead paint was outlawed for use in homes and businesses in 1978 by the US government. However, many buildings used this paint before then, so it’s important for home and business owners to be able to identify the presence of lead paint in case their property is one of them. On the bright […]

Lead Testing for Older Homes: Addressing Legacy Contamination

lead testing for older homes

Executive Summary Older homes come with an unmistakable charm, but before you commit to buying an older home, it’s important to do some extra research. Before 1978, many homes contained lead-based paint until it was outlawed due to health risks, so houses built before then may still have lead today. Fortunately, professional lead testing can […]

Lead Testing for Renovation and Construction Projects: Compliance and Best Practices

lead testing renovation construction project

Whether you are preparing to take on a small renovation or a large construction project, lead exposure is a necessary consideration that can pose several potential short- and long-term health risks. Therefore, it’s important that you take the proper precautions to protect yourself and anyone else involved.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 87% […]

Why Lead Testing Should Be a Priority for Homeowners

why lead testing should be a priority for homeowners

Is lead testing mandatory for homeowners? Although not legally mandatory in every jurisdiction, lead testing is a good idea. Given the potential health hazards of lead, having your home inspected and tested for lead can provide you with peace of mind and promote a healthy environment. Lead testing is the most important step in identifying […]