What Senate Bill 64 Means for Portland Homeowners

Find out what senate bill 64 means for Portland homeowners

A new bill signed into law by Oregon Governor Kate Brown aims to protect public health through several procedural changes – including one amendment that will impact homeowners in Portland. Senate Bill 64, also called the Oregon Health Authority’s public health housekeeping bill, provides updates to five areas of public health: Tobacco purchases (for people […]

Guide To Lead Testing and Abatement

Lead testing and abatement services in Portland, OR

Lead is commonly known as a naturally occurring element that has a variety of uses. While many of its applications are beneficial, there are potential risks associated with this element. Many houses built pre-1978 are often subject to elevated levels of lead due to the lead-based paints used for the interior of the home.  WHY YOU […]

What Are The Signs Of Lead Exposure & Poisoning?

Lead was a common metal used in paints before it was banned in 1978 and used to be a common material used in piping until government regulations were passed in 1986. If lead is ingested or the fumes inhaled, it can be stored within our tissues and can cause lead poisoning. Lead poisoning has some […]