Commercial Property Flood Preparedness for Business Owners

commercial property flood preparedness

Executive Summary “Expect the unexpected’ is one of the most valuable pieces of wisdom that applies to any facet of running a business. It’s especially important when it comes to weather-related events like floods. Preparing for the risk of flood damage often isn’t high on the priority list when running a business, but businesses that […]

How to Choose the Right Restoration Company after a Flooding

how to choose the right restoration company after a flooding

Executive Summary Water damage after a flood is urgent, but that doesn’t mean you should call just any restoration company. Choosing the wrong flood restoration company can result in a sub-par restoration, the risk of long-term damage, and higher out-of-pocket costs for you. Water damage cleanup is a lofty process and requires thorough expertise, so […]

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

does home insurance cover water damage

Executive Summary Home insurance does cover water damage, but only in certain circumstances. Insurance coverage pays for necessary repairs and provides a small silver lining to the stress of a water damage incident. To get the coverage you need for water damage restoration, it’s crucial to understand your home insurance policy and what it covers. […]

Water Damage Restoration: DIY vs. Professional Services

water damage restoration: diy vs professional restoration

Executive Summary For some people, any need for a repair is a reason to embrace their handy side and create a DIY project. In many cases, a DIY project sounds like a great opportunity to save time and money instead of paying for a professional service. However, in a situation like water damage restoration, skipping […]

Signs of Water Damage After a Storm or Weather Event

signs of water damage after a storm

Executive Summary Everyone knows that heavy storms and intense weather events can leave behind damage to your property, but it isn’t always easy to see the potential damage they create. Storms can affect your property in multiple ways, from damaging your roof to causing flooding around your home. One of the biggest concerns that comes […]

Water Damage Restoration Cost and the Factors That Influence It

water damage restoration cost and factors that influence it

As a property owner, there’s no such thing as being too prepared, so it’s helpful to consider common hazards that can affect your property, like water damage. Anything from a leaking appliance to a burst pipe can require the need for professional water damage restoration and feature accompanying costs. However, water damage restoration and flood […]

How Long Does Water Damage Restoration Take?

how long does water damage restoration take

Water damage is a complicated issue and requires the help of an experienced professional to contain the impact and properly restore the space to its normal state. With a flood or water damage event, it is essential to act quickly, but it can take some time to perform a successful restoration. So, how long does […]