how to choose the right restoration company after a flooding

How to Choose the Right Restoration Company after a Flooding

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Executive Summary

  • Choosing the right water damage restoration company after a flood increases the chances of a successful restoration and provides you with more peace of mind throughout the process.
  • You can research companies by using online reviews, testimonials, and customer referrals to determine whether they have a successful track record. 
  • When weighing your options for different restoration companies, consider factors like experience, reputation, available equipment, and response time.
  • Always work with a licensed and insured company to protect yourself from liability if an accident occurs.

Water damage after a flood is urgent, but that doesn’t mean you should call just any restoration company. Choosing the wrong flood restoration company can result in a sub-par restoration, the risk of long-term damage, and higher out-of-pocket costs for you.

Water damage cleanup is a lofty process and requires thorough expertise, so it’s important to do your research so that you have the best possible support. When you search for a restoration company, it’s essential that you choose a company that has expertise in water damage restoration and a reputation to back it up.

It’s essential to know what to look for in a trustworthy and reliable flood restoration company—this guide covers everything you need to know about finding the right one for the job.

Research Flood Restoration Companies

A flood can occur due to severe rains, a burst pipe, or a sewage backup. No matter whether flooding is the result of storm damage or a plumbing failure, a successful restoration requires special equipment and advanced expertise to handle the nuances of each case.

The health of your property is a big deal, and a water damage restoration requires careful expertise. If you put your property’s welfare in a company’s hands, you want to be sure you can trust them. Knowing where to turn for a restoration is an important element of flood preparedness.

The water damage restoration process is complex, as water can seep into building materials and behind walls, as well as lead to greater concerns like mold growth or structural damage. With such a detailed process, it’s essential to find the right professional services to ensure repairs are carried out properly.

Researching flood restoration companies beforehand offers several benefits:

  • Allows you to verify their credentials
  • Increases the chances of a successful restoration
  • Minimizes the risks of property damage
  • Protects you against liability if accidents happen on your property
  • Ensures expertise to address all aspects of the damage

Some of the most valuable resources for researching flood restoration companies include online reviews found on Google, Yelp, or the company website, testimonials from customers speaking on their past experience with the company, and customer referrals through word of mouth.

Assessing Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise in flood damage restoration is one of the most essential factors to look for in a company. Experience is crucial for knowing how to address the unique nuances of each restoration. That said, a company’s experience and expertise can also be more difficult to assess.

If a company has been in business for a while, they’re likely more trustworthy. Although it’s not always directly the case, it’s harder for poorly run businesses to stick around, so how long a company has been in business is a helpful indicator. You can typically find out how long they’ve been around on their company website.

You can also learn more by asking companies questions directly. Some questions you can ask to assess the experience of water damage professionals include:

  • How much restoration experience does your company have?
  • What is your process for restoration and repair?
  • What tools and equipment do you use?
  • How long will the restoration take?
  • How do you stay in communication throughout the restoration process?

If they struggle to answer any of these questions, then it’s a red flag that they do not have established and time-tested procedures. If you’re unhappy with any of the responses, then that’s a reason to look for a different company and find one that better fits what you’re looking for.

Licensing and Insurance

Licensing and insurance are essential expectations of a professional restoration company. It may sound convenient to go the route of an unlicensed company for a quicker and cheaper repair, but it’s often not worth it. An unlicensed company often does not have the experience to ensure a safe and successful restoration, posing risks for your property.

Unlicensed companies also offer little protection against liability if something goes wrong. Licensed companies have greater responsibility by law to address any damages or accidents on your property, while unlicensed companies do not have this same legal backing, which can leave you stuck footing the bill. They are also more likely to be uninsured, adding to the risks.

Insurance is another important factor in providing peace of mind. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be glad it’s there. For example, if a company damages any of your personal belongings while performing the job, their insurance will cover the repairs instead of leaving you liable. It also prevents you from being held responsible for any injuries that occur on your property.

In your research, make sure that companies have these kinds of insurance:

  • Liability insurance – This insurance covers any damages to your property, potential injuries to workers, and cases where a contractor fails to meet appropriate standards upon completing the work.
  • Worker’s compensation insurance – This covers the costs for any injuries that may happen to the company’s workers while on your property.

If you choose a company without the proper licensing or insurance, you could be left getting the short end of the stick. Doing the research ahead of time will provide you with added peace of mind as the work gets completed.

Trust The Professionals for a Thorough Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is a complex process, and it requires an expert company to do it right. Alpha Environmental provides peace of mind with our expertise.

Availability and Response Time

Flood damage is nothing to drag your feet on. In your search, you should prioritize finding a company that will respond as soon as possible. Even if a company has a reputation for great work, waiting too long for them to arrive can allow water damage to spread, affect additional materials, increase the risk of mold growth, and drive up the costs for repairs.

Don’t compromise on choosing a quality company either—you can find one that both responds quickly and completes quality work. Choose a restoration company with 24/7 response times and a strong reputation to back up their results.

When you contact companies, they should be able to provide you with a timeline on when they’ll be able to come out to assess and address the damage so there is no guesswork involved on your part.

Equipment & Technology

Experience can only carry you so far. A professional flood restoration company must also have the appropriate equipment and technology to perform the best possible restoration. Using state-of-the-art water damage restoration equipment allows experienced companies to address as much of the damage as possible.

You should expect water damage professionals to have some of the following equipment:

  • Moisture meters – Moisture meters allow professionals to measure moisture levels in materials like drywall and flooring, allowing them to determine which materials are affected and what repairs are necessary.
  • Infrared imaging technology – Infrared imaging provides an additional tool for assessing which materials contain moisture and highlighting areas of moisture that you can’t see or measure on the surface. 
  • Water extractor – Water extractors work similarly to a powerful shop vacuum. These machines help remove water from carpets, walls, and other waterlogged materials.
  • Industrial air movers – Air movers are important for drying out a target area after water damage. Professional water extraction companies use these machines to speed up the drying process and keep airflow moving throughout a space to dry out drywall, flooring, and other materials.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – PPE is a must. This includes eye protection, respirators, and gloves to protect against possible mold exposure and other hazards associated with floods.

These tools are more than just convenient—they are essential for a thorough restoration. Having the above equipment will allow professionals to understand the full scope of the damage and properly dry out the area so they can leave your home in the best possible condition.  

Detailed Assessment and Documentation

Water damage can be sneaky and spread throughout an area in often unsuspecting ways. Any restoration company should perform a thorough inspection to ensure that they capture and address all flood damage.

Hidden water damage that goes unaddressed can pose several risks to a property, from allowing mold growth to affecting the structural integrity of the building. Expert companies will look for any signs of water damage so that nothing gets missed.

A professional restoration company should thoroughly document the findings from their assessment with moisture level readings. This documentation will not only be helpful for you to understand what repairs are necessary for your home or business, but it will also provide important information for a home or flood insurance company.

Cost Estimates and Contracts

Water damage restoration costs can vary widely depending on the extent of the damage. Consider getting cost estimates from multiple companies so you have an accurate point of reference for how much you should expect to pay without overpaying. Costs often depend on your area and the services available, so having multiple quotes will give you a better understanding of which prices are reasonable.

As you compare estimates, consider what services companies plan to perform. Each company that provides an estimate should be able to provide details on which services they recommend and how these will factor into the cost. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information on why a given service is necessary.

Then, after you decide on the right company for the job, be sure to establish a set contract. This contract should lay out costs, services, and timelines. Setting the proper terms upfront saves time and confusion down the line.

Communication and Customer Service

Communication is crucial throughout the restoration process. As the customer, you deserve to know what is happening to your property and when you can expect the repairs to be complete. Any restoration company worth working with will be communicative from start to finish and have excellent customer service skills throughout the process.

Some expectations you should have for a professional restoration company include:

  • Full transparency about repair costs before beginning work
  • Consistent updates about the progress of repairs
  • Updates about additional concerns that arise
  • Quick responses to questions or concerns
  • Friendly interactions with all staff and service providers

Companies that provide strong customer service can significantly reduce stress for home and business owners. A company that is transparent about their repair processes will ensure you know what they plan to do and will provide realistic expectations for the process.

Look No Further Than Alpha Environmental

When choosing a restoration company after a flood, it’s essential to do your research so you know you can expect a job well done. Choosing the right flood damage restoration company will provide you with peace of mind throughout the process and confidence in the end result.

For a company you can trust, turn to Alpha Environmental—we will check all the boxes. With proper licensing and insurance, an excellent track record of customer satisfaction, and 21 years of experience serving the greater Portland area, you can rely on us for a thorough water damage restoration.

We provide support for water damage restoration, mold remediation, and stormwater management, helping you stay protected against floods. Contact us today for support from a proven and professional restoration company.

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