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Mar 01
Dealing with a flooded bathroom in Portland, OR

How To Prevent Bathroom Floods From Getting Worse

You can’t undo what’s already been done. However, you can remedy the situation. Follow these steps ASAP after a bathroom flooding to prevent further damage from happening.

Shut Off Your Water

This one may sound obvious, but the very first thing that you should do if your bathroom is flooding is shut off the source of the flood—i.e. the water. Fixtures like toilets have a shut-off valve near the inlet pipes, so you should be able to stop the water from continuing to flow that way. In some situations, you might have to shut off the water to your house. Typically, the main water shut-off valve will either be in your basement or by your water meter. If there is a lot of excess water, you might want to shut off your power so that it doesn’t come in contact with wiring and become electrified.

Clean Up Any Standing Water

The next step after you have shut off your water is to clean up the standing water as much as possible so that it doesn’t cause water damage.

There are two ways to do this:

  • Soak the water up using towels, rags and a mop.
  • Use a wet-dry vacuum to quickly and effectively suck up the water. If you go with this option, make sure to plug it into a dry outlet.

Dry The Area

After you have gotten rid of as much water as possible, dry out the area to prevent mold from growing. Use dry rags or towels to dry any damp areas and create good airflow by using fans, opening windows and keeping the A/C or a dehumidifier running.

Call For Backup

If you are not able to stop the flood and contain the water, you should call a professional ASAP. If sewage was involved in the flood and your bathroom is now covered in sewage, you should also call a professional to decontaminate and disinfect the area.

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