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Jan 07
preventing frozen walkways

How To Prevent Frozen Walkways In The Winter

Prevent dangerous slips and falls this winter with these easy tips for preventing frozen walkways around your home. 

Clear The Area Often

Prevent ice buildup by clearing snow from walkways before it compacts or melts and refreezes. It’s especially important to shovel snow out of walkways promptly after a storm. 

Use Salt + Sand 

Since salt lowers the freezing point of water, it’s great at both melting ice that has formed on walkways as well as preventing more ice from forming. Although sand doesn’t melt ice, since it’s abrasive it’s great for providing traction on icy walkways. Be mindful of how much sand you use since you’ll need to clean it up from drainage areas once spring weather hits. Kitty litter, sawdust and even wood ashes can also be used to create traction in icy areas. 

Install A Dry Well Drainage System 

A dry well drainage system is a good long-term solution for preventing dangerous icy walkways. A dry well is a man-made hole that is used to discharge water from the surface to below the ground. Dry wells are designed to receive stormwater runoff and allow the water to percolate into the subsurface soils well above the regional aquifer. The experts at Alpha Environmental offer several dry well drainage system services. To learn more, call 503-406-6686.

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