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Aug 01

How To Prevent Mold In Your Home During The Summer

Mold represents one of the most common household hazards that, if not removed in a timely fashion, offers the potential to be an immensely costly burden for homeowners and tenants. Alpha Environmental understands that the prevention of mold is far more desirable for homeowners than the stressful process of its remediation. Residents in the Portland area are faced with unique challenges in regard to preventing mold, though Alpha Environmental is confident in its solutions and guidelines for dealing with these challenges. Alpha’s services are precisely tailored to the prevention and remediation of mold in the Portland area, taking great consideration to the climate, humidity and moisture levels of the Pacific Northwest. People often associate mold with the rainy season though there are plenty of situations which can cause significant mold issues in the summer. Plumbing leaks, overwatering vegetation next to your home, and leaking irrigations systems are just a few. Alpha is happy to present its recommendations and tips for preventing mold infestation.

Mold Inspection

Before implementing preventive measures against summer mold, it is important to be certain that your home does not contain elevated levels of mold. Alpha Environmental has the resources and personnel to conduct an extensive and thorough review of a home in order to determine whether or not significant levels of mold is present. We say the words “significant” and “elevated” because mold is a naturally occurring part of most environments on Earth. Alpha also possesses the capability to test surface moisture levels, and can even determine the presence of mold that is not visible by testing the air inside and outside your home. Mold inspections are especially important to homeowners who have a basement, crawl space or an attic, as these areas are particularly susceptible to mold infestation. As stated above, it is important to remember that the increased humidity in Portland during the summer months creates conditions that are more hospitable for mold. That is a major reason why obtaining a mold inspection for your home has increased urgency during the summer.

Mold Testing

The humidity of the Portland area, especially during the summer months, makes it crucial that homeowners consider Mold Air Sampling, as moisture levels can have a significant impact on the risk level of a building as it relates to mold. With Mold Air Testing, Alpha is able to determine how much and what types of mold are present in the air within a home compared with the mold levels present in the air outside. Through this form of testing, Alpha can determine if elevated levels of mold exist within a home. If Alpha determines that elevated mold levels are present, our professionals will put together a remediation protocol not only to remediate the mold, but implement tasks and recommendations so that it does not return. , Air Quality Testing is another option to establish overall comfort levels within a dwelling. Air Quality Test differs from Mold Air Testing in that it is not specific to determining levels of airborne mold spores. Air Quality Testing determines elements such as relative humidity, VOC levels, particulate levels and temperature.

Mold Remediation Services

Homeowners and tenants of commercial properties in the Portland area should understand that often, preventive measures, , are not quite enough, and a mold l remediation services are required. This should not be cause for concern, as Alpha Environmental possesses years of experience in properly handling the remediation and proper disposal of mold affected materials, as well as implementing measures meant to prevent its reappearance. Alpha will take great care to tailor our method of mold remediation to the type of surface that the mold has affected. . Failure to do this could result in mold finding its way under a visible surface, at which point removal of the materials would be required , creating a much bigger hassle and cost for tenants and homeowners. That is one more reason why Alpha’s expert knowledge of mold remediation should be utilized by residents in the Portland area.

Categories of Mold

There are different variations of mold, that have varying degrees of effects on humans. Alpha’s years of experience in dealing with the assortments of mold most common in the Pacific Northwest region gives our company a deeper insight into the remedial measures that should be taken. One of the main distinctions Alpha Environmental is able to make, is the extent to which the mold in question represents a potential hazard to people. While some forms of mold are harmless to humans, others can be deeply hazardous and should be remediated immediately. This is another reason why a professional mold- remediation service should be utilized, as many people are not able to distinguish harmless mold, from a potentially far more dangerous and hazardous mold.

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