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Sep 01
indoor air quality testing

The Seasonal Changes to Indoor Air Quality

By now, we all know that indoor air quality is worth keeping up on.  We spend upwards of 80% of our time indoors (especially during the harsher months) and it’s important that the air we breathe isn’t riddled with pollutants. While it’s common to think that our indoor air quality only suffers as the weather gets warmer, you still need to be wary during the cooler months as well. Indoor air quality testing can help homeowners understand how the changing seasons presents new air pollutants.

Spring Indoor Air Quality

Ah, spring. The flowers are blooming and you can finally pack away your heavy winter coats. People are frolicking in the streets and everyone seems to have an extra pep in their step. You can finally shed your dreary winter attitude and take a deep breath to smell the roses. Before you smell too deeply, let’s take a look at what you could potentially be inhaling in your humble abode.

Allergies are at their peak during spring. The grass is growing and flowers are blooming, so you open your windows to feel the cool air breeze in. Unfortunately, allergy sufferers are under attack from pollen and other allergens floating in through the open windows and getting stuck inside your home. In addition to outside allergens, dust mites and pet dander are big around this time of year and can also stir the allergy pot.

Summer Indoor Air Quality

In the same vein as spring, the even warmer summer weather can intensify allergens. On top of that, summer rain can bring in humidity and mildew, which can affect your indoor air and air filters.

During these two warmer seasons, you’ll want to stay on top of regularly changing your air filters and keeping a tidy house. By mopping and dusting at least once a week you can help keep your indoor air quality in tip-top shape.

Fall Indoor Air Quality

This time of year brings much relief to the long, heat-filled summer days. The air is getting cooler, leaves are changing colors, and the weather is starting to get a little chilly. While you may be able to keep those windows propped open for a few weeks of fall, it’s soon time to shut those windows and close your house off to the outside world.

With those windows shut, the same air is circulating your house. This includes dust mites, mildew, pet dander, and allergens. This is the time of year where it’s extremely important to assist your indoor ventilation – changing those air filters, controlling the moisture levels in your home (think about buying a dehumidifier!) and making sure your house is clean will ultimately help improve your fall indoor air quality.

Winter Indoor Air Quality

This time of year the air is too crisp and cold to even think about opening those windows, and you’d much rather be curled up next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. Be careful, because the ashes and soot from the fireplace can definitely negatively impact your indoor air quality if you don’t clean up properly.

If your indoor air quality is poor during the winter, the cold weather can exacerbate respiratory symptoms (like asthma) or even cause pneumonia. Keep your air fresh by properly ventilating your home and keeping your house spotless— you could even consider buying an air purifier.

If you’re ever concerned about your indoor air quality, call an air quality specialist to come assess your situation. Alpha Environmental has experts who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to test your indoor air quality and let you know if and how you could improve it. For all of your indoor air quality testing needs, call Alpha Environmental Services.

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