understanding the different types of wind damage

Understanding the Different Types of Wind Damage

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Executive Summary

  • Wind damage on a property most commonly affects the roof, siding, and trees.
  • Factors like wind speed, your home’s building materials, and mitigation efforts all contribute to the possible extent of damage to your property.
  • Professional services can assess the full scope of wind and storm damage to your property and take steps to help you prevent additional issues

Wind damage can take a toll on your property by lifting up shingles, pushing down trees, throwing debris, and more. With such a high potential for harsh impacts from high winds and storms, it’s important to be well-informed and prepared for the effects they can have.

Understanding the different types of wind damage will equip you to properly handle each issue and preserve the health of your property. At Alpha Environmental, we aim to provide you with the support you need to keep your home or business safe from wind and structural damage. This guide will highlight the different types of wind damage that can occur and what you can do to protect against them.

What Are the Different Types of Wind Damage?

Wind damage can hit your property in multiple ways. Knowing what to look for can help you remain proactive in protecting your home or business and preparing for necessary repairs. There are three main types of wind damage that can affect your property.

Roof Damage

One of the first types of wind damage to watch out for is roof damage, as strong winds can batter your roof and tear apart the materials on top of it. You may notice uplifted or missing shingles after a harsh storm. Wind can also impact parts around the edge of the roof, like the soffit, fascia, or gutters.

It’s crucial to address roof damage in a timely manner, as a damaged roof can lead to additional issues down the road. However, roof damage is hard to identify since you don’t spend a lot of time on your roof. If you live in a windy area, consider having your roof inspected yearly to catch small issues before they become more significant.

Siding Damage

High winds can pose several risks to the siding on your home’s exterior. Consistently high winds can cause your siding to weaken over time, leading to cracking or peeling in your siding. Winds can also carry debris through the air and toward your home, which can put dents or cracks into the material.

Both of these risks can create open spaces in the siding and expose your home to potential further damage. You should address broken siding quickly, as it can leave your home vulnerable to moisture, pests, and other elements. Addressing broken siding prevents further damage and protects your home against additional risk.

Tree Damage

Tree damage is one of the most common forms of wind damage, as high winds can start to take out small trees and branches even before roofing materials. It’s crucial to keep a close eye on tree damage, as it can quickly turn to home damage if large branches break off or if the tree itself falls. Regular tree maintenance to remove dead branches and trim damage can help reduce the risk of further damage.

Factors Contributing to Wind Damage

Wind damage is unpredictable, but understanding the factors that contribute to it can help you prepare for it and its potential effects. The effects of wind damage depend on three key factors.

Wind Speed

Wind speed is the primary factor to consider when bracing for wind damage–the more powerful the wind, the worse the damage. According to the National Weather Service, you can use wind speeds to determine what type of damage you can expect to occur.

  • Winds above 39 mph can start to break tree branches
  • Above 47 mph, winds start to cause structural damage, like damaged roof tiles
  • Above 55 mph, winds can cause considerable structural damage, including significant roof damage, and potentially blow over small trees
  • Winds above 64 mph can blow over and uproot large trees

If the weather report points to winds above 35 mph, start preparing your property and securing loose items.

Building Materials and Design

Building materials and design have an important impact on the extent of wind damage that can occur in your home. For example, metal siding may be susceptible to dents from debris thrown by the wind, while vinyl siding is more vulnerable to chips or cracks.

The design of your roof can also affect the amount of damage that wind can do. Shingles with more space underneath them can be more easily picked up by the wind.

It’s important to ensure that your home is built with proper construction techniques and that your building materials are in good shape before a windstorm. Therefore, regular maintenance is also essential for reducing the potential impacts of wind.

Maintenance & Mitigation Practices

You can’t prevent wind, but you can take steps to reduce the risks of wind damage. How much damage occurs as a result of storms and high winds often depends on your maintenance strategies. 

The best way to prevent wind damage is to consider what in your home may be affected by wind. Being vigilant and proactive can go a long way toward protecting your property. Address potential damage points on your home and secure items that can be picked up by wind.

Some strategies for preventing wind damage in your home include:

  • Regularly assessing the health of your home and yard
  • Inspecting for damage after each windstorm that may get worse from a future storm
  • Contacting a professional team to survey the damage
  • Reinforcing loose objects on your property
  • Maintaining trees 

Around-the-Clock Support for Storm Damage and Cleanup

Alpha Environmental provides reliable water and wind damage restoration services to remove debris, repair your home, and keep your property in its best possible shape.

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Is Wind Damage Covered by Home Insurance?

In short, yes, wind damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Most policies cover wind damage and damage from fallen trees if they fall during a storm. That said, insurance policies can differ, so you should verify that you’re covered by your provider. When researching plans and coverage, look into the total amount of coverage you receive and under what circumstances.

Be sure to document any damage that occurs after a windstorm so you can prove the extent of the damage to your homeowner’s insurance and receive the necessary support for conducting the repairs. You should contact your insurance company to file a claim immediately after noticing any wind damage so they can send out an adjuster to assess the necessary repairs.

Professional wind damage restoration companies, like Alpha Environmental, will support you by working with your insurance company to get repairs covered.

What To Do If You Have Wind Damage on Your Property

If you have wind damage on your property, start by documenting the extent of the damage. Documenting the damage can provide information for insurance and is an important step for making sure you receive coverage for repairs. Take pictures of the affected area and note any additional concerns.

Once you document the extent of the damage, you should seek a professional storm damage cleanup service. A professional service will determine the full scope of the issue and highlight all steps necessary to conduct a full repair.

It’s important If one windstorm loosens up materials on your home or trees around your home, a future windstorm can expand on that damage even further. Professional services will help you with the cleanup and repairs necessary to prevent the damage from expanding.

Why You Should Hire Professionals if You Have Wind Damage

You should seek the help of professionals any time you have wind damage on your property, as they have the tools and expertise to address the full issue. Making quick repairs on your own may make the area look better, but it doesn’t necessarily protect the home against future damage.

You should turn to the professionals for these key reasons:

  • Storm damage can come with other potential side effects. For example, the effects of high wind can cause roof damage and allow rain to enter your home, creating the need for water damage mitigation. A well-rounded professional service will consider all of this to ensure the full health of your property so you can move forward.
  • Structural damage can compound quickly and lead to more severe issues if not addressed. A professional company will not only repair wind damage, but they’ll also take the steps needed to assess whether additional damage occurred and address that too.
  • Professionals can also make the process even smoother if you have insurance. Some companies, like Alpha Environmental, will work directly with your insurance provider to ensure that the costs of your repairs are covered.

Trust the Professionals To Repair Your Home from Wind Damage

Wind damage can affect any home, and it’s important to address damage quickly so you can reduce any potential long-term effects. Choosing the right professional service can play a key role and ensure your home is protected from further harm.

Here in Portland, wind can take a toll on homes and businesses while throwing tree branches and debris that can put your property at risk. At Alpha Environmental, we provide wind and storm damage cleanup and restoration services to get your property back in order and provide you with peace of mind. We also provide water damage restoration services to ensure you’re fully covered against storms.

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