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Apr 15

What You Should Know: Asbestos Testing in Portland

Home renovation can be an extremely daunting task, especially if you’re dealing with an older home. There are many considerations to take in, and oftentimes, licensed experts are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly. One of the most important aspects of home renovation is asbestos testing and abatement, and that’s where the professionals at Alpha Environmental are here to help.

Why Is There Asbestos in My Home?

The use of asbestos started in the 1940s because it was a strong, inexpensive, fire-retardant material that was often included in insulation, flooring, and ceiling tiles. It was one of the most common fibrous materials used to build homes for about 30 years. It was banned in the 1970s because it was discovered that asbestos was toxic and posed many health risks.

Asbestos Risks

Once disturbed, the tiny asbestos fibers become airborne and are easily inhaled by humans and animals. Once inhaled, it has the potential to cause a variety of serious health issues:

  • Lung cancer caused by the inhalation of toxic fibers.
  • Asbestosis, which is a chronic inflammatory and scarring disease of the lungs.
  • Mesothelioma is a cancer of the mesothelium, or the protective membrane that lines many of the body’s internal organs. The disease often starts within the chest cavity.

Because of these risks, Oregon requires asbestos testing prior to any sort of home demolition or renovation. Due to much of the state’s heavy connection with the maritime industry, asbestos exposure is extremely high in Portland and the surrounding areas. In fact, Portland is one of the eight known cities within Oregon to have affected homes.

Are you thinking of renovating your older home? Because of the toxic nature of asbestos, you need to ensure you’re hiring specialists who are expertly trained and licensed in asbestos testing and removal.

Alpha Environmental will diligently screen your home’s old ceiling and floor tiles, adhesive insulation, and siding. We have years of experience and licensed staff to ensure that your home is safe and free of asbestos for you and your family. If any asbestos is found in your dwelling, qualified experts will remove the material by adhering to special requirements for transportation and disposal. In turn, this will safeguard others in the community from exposure.

We take great pride in servicing Portland and it’s imperative that we keep our residents healthy and happy when jumping into home renovation. If you think your home may be at risk, Alpha Environmental is the company to trust with your asbestos testing needs.

Matthew Micheletty

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