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Feb 16

Where Do I Go For Questions About the Environment?

In this day and age the environment is a hot topic riddled with politics and clouded with misinformation. As a human, it’s important to stay on top of the issues that can have an effect on both yourself and the place you live (you know, Earth!) So where do you go to make sure you’re getting the most honest and trusted information about a topic that you hold so dear?

Fortunately, there are a number of really awesome resources that focus on the facts and are long-trusted to help clear up any murky questions you may have surrounding the environment.


The Environmental Protection Agency is the federal government agency in charge of creating and implementing the rules and regulations that America adheres to regarding the environment. It was established in the 1970s by President Nixon and (as the guys who make the rules) is one of the best resources out there to help answer any questions you might have.

Their website is chalk-full of environmental related news, videos, and has a full list of all of the laws and regulations currently in place. Using the quick search is a nifty way to quickly dig through all of their content.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is the state-level equivalent of the EPA, however it covers Oregon state-specific rules and regulations related to the environment. All states adhere to the EPA’s guidelines, but some states need additional parameters around their environment to safeguard their communities.

Because every state is different and has unique environmental laws, the Oregon DEQ’s website will be more catered to the issues in your individual state and will be sure to cover any questions that arise.

Other Websites

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing your own research and trying to gather as many findings as possible to answer your questions. However, the Internet is a massive resource that can contain one-sided opinion-based articles that concealed as facts.

If you’re going to go rogue and do a bit of extracurricular searching, make sure you’re sticking to websites that have a trusted domain. You can’t go wrong by looking at websites that end in “.gov” because this means they’re government-backed websites which are thoroughly fact-checked and tend to stray away from biased information.

Trusted Professionals like Alpha Environmental

Lastly, a trusted professional is one of the best resources you can add to your tool belt. Alpha Environmental has been in the environmental consulting and remediation company for over 15 years and has experienced experts on staff who are ready to answer any questions you may have. Our teams of licensed specialists are on call and waiting to guide you through your environmental journey! Visit our website or call 503-292-5356 today.

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