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How To Help A Client When Their Home Inspection Results Are Negative

As a real estate agent, you know it’s your job to have your client’s best interests in mind. You’re their partner, their main source of professional knowledge, and their future referral. When a road block appears in the buying process, your client is going to rely on you to be their guiding light for the unknown and next-steps—so what do you do when their home inspection results aren’t up to snuff?

Your first step starts before the inspection even begins: make sure you recommend a tried and trusted inspector who you know will thoroughly inspect your client’s home. In this day in age, it’s all too easy to come across an inspection hack (you know, someone who is willing to cut all corners in order to collect a paycheck without anyone else’s welfares in mind.) Rely on your own professional experience to recommend someone that you yourself would trust to inspect your own home.

The real trouble starts once a reliable inspector is found. Even though your client’s search for the most pristine 1950’s ranch style home is held with good intentions, chances are older homes won’t come with a clean bill of health. Let’s say that your trusty inspector finds a leak in the roof. Although your client might be swayed to call it a day and get a roofer on the job, it’s time for your expertise to come up to bat. You’ll want to let your client know that yes, although there may be a leak in the roof, they should call in Alpha Environmental Services, Inc. to do a more specialized inspection of the roofing issue. They are experts at their craft, more so than a general home inspector, and they’ll be able to give a legitimized diagnosis of the problem. Utilize your own recommendations and the recommendations of your colleagues to lead your client in the right direction.

Did the inspector find a hole in the pool pump? Get your best pool guy on the horn and see if he’ll meet with your client to give an official analysis of the root cause.

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to suggest three solid resources for each individualized issue that may pop up on the report. Giving your client a multitude of options for a professional opinion is one of the most important things you can do for them. Remember, you can’t tell them which referrals to pick, but you can give them choices so they can make an educated selection on their own.

It’s always wise to suggest that they do some extracurricular research on their own as well, just to broaden their knowledge base and collect as much information as possible. In the end, you’re the source to the source, and your client will be forever grateful that you’ve shared your resources with them.