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The Warning Signs of Water Intrusion

What is Water Intrusion?

Water intrusion is the unwelcome presence of water leaking into the home. It is usually caused by rain water. Typically, water intrusion is a result of structural damage, poor installation of building materials, degrading materials, or defective building materials.

What Problems can Water Intrusion Cause?

Water intrusion can warp window sills, stain carpets, cause mildew to grow, and even lead to warped wood furniture or fixtures. In more extreme cases, water intrusion can rot through walls and floors.

Spotting Water Intrusion

To prevent potentially expensive damage, early detection of water intrusion is key. Being aware and using all four senses is the most effective way to spot water intrusion.

If it has just finished raining, look at for these signs of water intrusion:  

  • Look for any leaking or discoloration.
  • Look for swelling window sills or moisture around the interior of windows or doors.
  • Listen for any water drips.
  • Feel windows with your fingertips or a moisture meter for water leaking through.
  • Smell for moldy or musty scents. If you do smell something moldy or musty, follow the scent to its source.
  • Examine your home’s exterior for cracks, failing window glazing and anywhere else that water could intrude.