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Apr 20

What is a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment?

Our clients usually come to us with little information about Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments. The typical scenario is that they’ve been required to complete one, but usually don’t know what it is, how much it will cost, and where to start. We’re here to change that by making it easy for anyone to understand, in layman’s terms, everything they need to know about Phase 2 ESA’s.

First of all, what is a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment?

Phase 2 ESA’,s also known as Phase 2 Environmental Audits or Phase 2 Environmental Surveys, typically occur when there is a Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) found during the Phase 1 Environmental Assessment process. To learn more about Phase I ESA, click here.

Typically, a Phase 2 is required when a property has already undergone a Phase One, and there appear to be contaminants that raise red flags. Phase 2 will further dig into these red flags to come up with an action plan on how to make the property comply with environmental standards.

What is included in a Phase 2 ESA?

What’s included in the Phase 2 ESA depends. Phase 2  ESA is based purely on the findings of Phase I ESA. For instance, it could include groundwater analysis, or installing monitoring wells, or indoor air sampling, mold sampling, asbestos sampling, lead sampling, etc. The need for any sampling or testing in Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments is based purely on the findings of the Phase I. Therefore, just take a look at the outcomes of Phase I and you’ll get an idea of what types of tests would be done during Phase 2 ESA.

How much does a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment cost?

The cost for a Phase 2 ESA ranges depending on the site specifics. This could be anything from the types of analyses needed, drilling methods, access to the subsurface, groundwater testing, overhead constraints, etc.

Typical due diligence type Phase 2 ESA studies are in the $4,000 to $25,000 range.

In order for the professional to provide an accurate estimate, you should expect them to do a thorough analysis of the site, then create a strategy to minimize your overall costs.

What happens when the Phase 2 is complete?

You can expect a report with the results and suggested changes to making the property environmentally compliant.  If there the lab results from the soil, water or groundwater samples indicate a significant problem, need further delineation or if cleanup is required by an agency or by the responsible party, a site characterization, risk assessment or remediation may be required. The remediation or cleanup typically has to occur until verification samples are less than federal, state or local cleanup standards. In some cases the owner or occupant wants to completely remove all contaminants to non-detectable, if it is feasible.

If you need a Phase 2, look no further. Contact us if you need to chat about a quote.

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